About us and our Current Services

We are a group of Bible students that, through extensive study, have come to the conclusion that Jesus will return again to the earth to establish a kingdom to be ruled from Jerusalem. This may sound fanciful to you, but we assure you that the hope of being part of this kingdom is supported fully in the Bible.  And even more exciting is the fact that Jesus invites men and women to join him in cleansing the Earth of wickedness and corruption and to set up that kingdom and run it.

In normal times we hold regular Seminars and Talks in Rugby to explore the Bible and discover the ‘Truths’ it contains about God and his purpose in creating the Earth.

For more information Email  info@searchthescriptures.co.uk

In the meantime we have an extensive supply of aids for Bible Readers that are detailed in ‘THE BIBLE LEARNING BROCHURE’ which we can supply you.  Please apply for a copy as above or on our message line 0800 652 2452

These include our ‘POSTAL BIBLE STUDY COURSE’.

This allows you to study at home at your own pace.

A series of twenty two brief studies giving a straight forward introduction to the message of the Bible.  A question paper is provided every third study and a personal course leader is appointed to maintain contact with scholars sending the lessons in batches of three, commenting on answers to study questions and responding to queries and questions.

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A pocket sized series of ’mini-booklets’, designed to provide a brief respite on a journey, over a tea break or as a break from the pressures of every day life.  These ’mini-booklets’ introduce the reader to important Bible truths.

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A developing series of booklets that deal in detail with the basic teachings of Bible truth newly written by brethren.

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In depth studies of the fundamental principles upon which Gospel of Truth is built.

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A Reading Plan that extends over a period of a year and introduces the reader directly to God’s message.  The set of accompanying guidance notes highlights the teaching of the Bible, dealing with difficulties which people have expressed in the past, and drawing attention to many examples of divine authorship which reinforce the absolute assurance that this is the Word of the Living God.  It consists of fourteen booklets each containing guidance notes for a four-week period until the last which is for one week with various indexes and summaries.