About our community

Our community in Rugby are members of a group of Christians scattered across the world that follow the “Old Paths” of truth contained in the Holy Bible.  We have found that old as the writings of the Bible are, they are right up-to-date in their commentary on, and predictions about the 21st Century.

By regular and careful study of the Bible we have found it contains amazing promises from the One True God that Jesus will return to the Earth to quell the wickedness and violence that troubles our world and solve the problems of millions that are homeless, starving, sick and dying in so many nations today.  The scriptures show beyond doubt that he will come and current world trends show that it could well be very soon.  This may sound fanciful to you, but we assure you that the coming of Jesus to the Earth is as certain as it is that you are reading this webpage.

We appeal to you, to let us show you that in this uncertain world the Bible guarantees a hope that is reliable and safe, depending only on faithfully following the Lord Jesus.  There is a great and satisfying work to be done by Jesus and his friends who, if they have died, will be resurrected to join those that are alive at his return, and will be given a new body, free of pain, suffering, weariness, sin and death, to live for ever.  Together, they will join him in cleansing the Earth of wickedness and corruption, and to set up the Kingdom of God and run it.  All this we can put before you for your consideration, from the ‘Holy Bible’ – the book of Salvation for the Earth from the One True God of heaven.

We hold regular Seminars and Workshops in the Rugby area to explore the Bible and discover the ‘Truths’ it contains about God and His purpose in creating the Earth.

To contact us, or obtain more information, email  info@searchthescriptures.co.uk