Understanding the Bible

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The Christian church is struggling today with falling numbers, challenges to its teachings by society, and many scientists questioning its very foundation.  Also the fact that Christianity has splintered into many communities with fundamentally different beliefs and practices further undermines the very authority of the Bible.

Since there is only one Bible, logic tells us that by careful analysis it should be possible to find the truth of the matter.  Are you ready for a challenge!  Let’s get together and search the Bible for what it says about men and women and their future, testing its veracity as we go!

“Can I afford the time?”, you may ask, or you might even say, “I haven’t got the time!”.  But surely important issues are at stake.  Our findings could significantly affect our prospects for the future.  Benjamin Franklin, founding father of the United States, observed, “Nothing ventured nothing gained”.  Join our investigation and it will soon be apparent if you are setting out on an adventure or not.  We therefore suggest it is worth making enough time for the first few steps toward what could be a new and eye-opening view of life.

Topics for discussion

Our current Bible talks and discussions are held on Sundays at 3 p.m. as detailed on our events page   Week by week we examined the authenticity of the Bible and and it’s teachings compared to history, science and society today, to establish the value of what the Bible offers us.  It also considered the way society has responded to the Bible’s message over the centuries.  And perhaps most important of all, the Bible’s revelation of where life on the Earth is going was examined and how to qualify fora part in its future?

We are convinced that it is possible to understand what life is about and how to give it a worthwhile and thrilling purpose.  If you are interested in searching for the knowledge contained in the Bible that opens up the way to ensure we are making the best of our lives please contact us.

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